Maintain your lawn

Mowing begins around March 1st when the Bermuda lawns are either scalped or
dethatched to remove the dead thatch from the previous growing season.

The Fescue lawns are mowed at a height of 2.5 inches on a weekly basis. Weekly mowing
usually begins on the Bermuda around April 1st as it is coming out of dormancy.

Service continues throughout the summer with mowing, trimming, edging, and cleanup being done every week. As fall approaches, the Fescue lawns are prepped for over-seeding around the middle of September.

The Bermuda lawns usually stop growing around November 1st. By this time, the new fescue seed has established itself and the Fescue is ready to start mowing on a weekly basis again.

Coffey Complete also starts to focus their efforts toward leaf cleanup. This is done throughout the winter months to ensure that your lawn stays free of leaves so that the turf areas receive the most benefit from any chemical applications that are applied.



Service begins March 1st


Lawn is maintained throughout the summer


Coffey Complete begins preparing lawn for winter months

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