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Design Your Perfect Landscape

No project is too big or small, coffey COMPLETE does it all


Whether it is something simple like adding a tree in the front yard to creating a backyard oasis with a babbling brook, no landscape job is too big or small for Coffey Complete.

We can work with you and a landscape designer to create a plan on paper that will fit your needs. Once you like what you see on paper the installation can begin.

Projects can be completed in a timely manner or done over the period of several years depending on your budget. Whatever the dream is for your yard Coffey Complete is up to making it a reality.

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We Do The Work

So You Don't Have To

After your new landscape is complete or you just need some help with your existing one let Coffey Complete do the work for you. Our trained landscape maintenance crews will be happy to come by your property on a regular basis or on an as needed basis and help you maintain all of your plant material.

Whether it is just weeding flowerbeds to selective pruning or annual planting we can help you with all your flowerbed needs.

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Maintain your lawn

Mowing begins around March 1st when the Bermuda lawns are either scalped or dethatched to remove the dead thatch from the previous growing season.

The Fescue lawns are being mowed at a height of 2.5 inches on a weekly basis. Weekly mowing usually begins on the Bermuda around April 1st as it is coming out of dormancy.

Service continues throughout the summer with mowing, trimming, edging, and cleanup being done every week. As fall approaches the Fescue lawns are prepped for over seeding around the middle of September.

The Bermuda lawns usually stop growing around November 1st. By this time the new fescue seed has established itself and the Fescue is ready to start mowing on a weekly basis again.

Coffey Complete also starts to focus their efforts toward leaf cleanup. This is done throughout the winter months to insure that your lawn stays free of leaves so that the turf areas receive the most benefit from any chemical applications that are applied.



Service begins March 1st


Lawn is maintained throughout the summer


Coffey Complete begins preparing lawn for winter months

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Coffey Complete works with residential, commercial, sport complexes, local and state governments. As the green movement continues to grow, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, www.usgbc.org ) certification on new site design or when upgrading existing facilities, proper irrigation design will help in achieving points for your certification. Coffey Complete can help you with that.

Within Coffey Complete, we use highly efficient designs and equipment to allow users to maintain a healthy lawn without using large amounts of water. We use smart controllers, sensors, drip lines in flowers beds, low water spray heads and rotors. We work with the Irrigation Association ( www.irrigation.org ) and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Sense Program (www.epa.gov/watersense), to provide superior water conservation. Watering lawns has become a true science, in the 21st century.

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Coffey Complete uses a multi-step approach to determine your irrigation needs, utilizing site surveys, cost requirements, permit issues, and turf requirements. A water conscience, cost saving, easy to use system, can be yours. In trust your irrigation needs to Coffey Complete, today.


Fertilizing Your Lawn

Coffey Complete maintains several varieties of turf grasses, like Bermuda, Bermuda hybrids, Zoysia, and tall type Fescue. Each type has different requirements of weed control and fertilization. Before, we begin a chemical application; it is highly recommended that a soil analysis be performed to determine a course of action for that property.

Coffey Complete will customize a chemical program specifically for your property. Coffey Complete maintains several properties that contain both warm season and cool season grasses. Each must be maintained as separate areas. By maintaining your turf areas, you increase the value and enjoyment of your property.


For Bermuda, Bermuda hybrids and Zoysia, which are warm season grasses, we use a 7 application yearly schedule. We apply 3 weed control application, starting in January, sixty days later and the finally weed control application starts in October. Fertilizing starts in April then continues within June, July and finally ends in September.


For Tall type Fescue, as it is a shade, cool season grass, the program follows an opposite path from Bermuda. We do 2 weed control applications and 4 fertilizing applications. Starting in September, we start with the first weed control application, then in February with the final weed control application. Fertilizing begins in October, then continues in December, February, and finally in April.

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Light up your night

 Coffey Complete offers the best in out door and landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting can enhance the beauty and safety of your home and transform the look and feel of your home at night. In addition to making your home look great at night, landscape lighting will enhance the beauty of your flower beds and your trees will take on a new type of beauty! Working with Coffey Complete, we will work to make your home look great at night!

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